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  Forum Index - Contests - Extremetech Case Mod Contest Info
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Post Subject: Extremetech Case Mod Contest Info
Posted on: Jul 9, 2007

Here's the link,1697,2155803,00.asp
In the little news snippet he announced that there would be a contest this year and they have a good donor. The complete info will be released on July 13.

Here is the quote from
The ExtremeTech Case Mod Contest
I've had several emails on this asking about the status of the ExtremeTech Case Mod Contest. As y'all know, we've been running a case mod/custom case contest for the past four summers.

Fear not, we will have one this year, too.

The good news is that this year's contest has an exclusive sponsor, so I'm anticipating having a really superb prize´┐Żnot just a pile of parts, as we've given away the past several years.

For details on the 2007 Case Mod Contest, check back here on Friday, July 13.

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