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  Forum Index - The Site - Proposed site idea - Hardware Profiles
Author Initial Thread
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Post Subject: Proposed site idea - Hardware Profiles
Posted on: Apr 26, 2011

I want to start by saying, that the site redesign is still coming along!! lol it's slowed though due to getting burnt out on a large scale, lol.

I have all of the frame work in place now, and I'm connecting all the smaller functionalities now, things like pagination. I've also written a large portion of the import scripts as well.

The only big thing that's left is styling the site, and thats the thing I'm looking forward to the least haha.

One thing that I'm looking to do, and will probably be one of the first three upgrades I've set aside for post launch, will be allowing users to create a hardware profile to accompany their cases. I thought this is a cool idea because lets be honest, people don't just want to show off the looks, they want to show off their components!

The way this will work... Users can create their own components, but to keep things as connected as possible, I'll be using ajax to auto suggest components as your type that other users have created. That way we won't end up with four entries for the same component.

With this strategy, I'm going to have to create generic component types, and this is where I could use a second set of eyes...

Each component type will have a set of basic info attached to it... and maybe I'll come up with a better way to do this....

Component | Properties, properties, ect
- Video Card | high temp, avg temp, low temp, and maybe performance data?
- Hard Drive | type, capacity, rpm, hight/low/average temps
- Ram | not sure if this should be per stick or total

And you guys get the point...
First, what do you think of this? Is it a cool idea or too invasive? It'd be optional to enter your info of this info to show off.

Next, what are some of the main areas that you'd want to show off for your pc on a hardware/component basis? and I'll focus on those?

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