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Author Initial Thread
It's not about the lights

Joined: May 30, 2010
Posts: 2
Post Subject: Official thread for "Scorch"
Posted on: Jan 23, 2011


This started off as a NZXT Blackline Lexa. Over the course of about two years, I've been adding and changing it continuously. Many of the mods were a necessity based on trying to fit more and more into a smallish mid-tower cleanly. The more major mods include, in order:
1) Removing HDD cages and part of 3.5" cages to fit longer graphics cards
2) Enlarging the main panel window
3) Adding a rear and right-side window
4) Putting in a 240x120mm radiator on the top, and moving the powersupply to the bottom front of the case in the process.
5) Painting the interior black
6) Adding sound-dampening foam to hidden parts of the case, and covering the drive bays with aluminum sheeting plus carbon fiber matte
7) Switching the 240x120mm radiator to the bottom of the case and adding a 360x120mm radiator to the top. Moving the SSD's to the bottom using some home-made brackets on the PSU. They fit perfectly between the PSU and the radiator, and there's room behind the radiator and the motherboard for cable routing purposes.
8) Externally mounting the radiator fans, which meant removing part of the case bezel
9) Taking off the stock case badges and decals and yoinking the "Classified" off the unused air-cooling piece of my motherboard
10) Adding a radiator grill to the dremelled-out back and an elevated grill to the top radiator using nylon spacers to offset it. Gotta keep out curious kitty paws...
11) Hiding cold-cathode wiring in a project box, and connecting it all to fighter pilot toggles. External wiring goes cleanly through a rubber grommeted hole in the top. Added carbon fiber trim to sides of the top too.

Case Description

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Dream, Cut, Glue

Joined: Jan 20, 2011
Posts: 89
Post Subject: KithKhan, nice mods
Posted on: Jan 23, 2011

hey buddy, nice build. i actually own the same case. its a beast and i had many similar ideas. i particularly like what you did up top, i was going to do almost the same thing. the carbon fiber matte you used is beautiful, and a link to the supplier would be awesome.
id love to get you a piece of aluminum you could use to efficiently cover the hole where the psu was previously. that is an issue i have dealt with in the past.
id love to see a few more pics of inside, some of the nooks and small areas, only because i so familiar with the model case id like to see where you ran everything.
id like to see the front with the door open.
have you considered anything for the other panel, the back side?
on a side note, although its irrelevant to the mods, id love to see a full build list and a screen shot of either cpu-z or your os monitor

badd asss bro, keep up the good work and great use of a lexa case.

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