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  Forum Index - News - The RIAA/MPAA vs MegaUpload
Author Initial Thread
Selfmade Modder

Joined: Jun 30, 2006
Posts: 4540
Post Subject: The RIAA/MPAA vs MegaUpload
Posted on: Dec 27, 2010

In what is becoming a frightening new tactic, the RIAA had approached MasterCard to try and stop service to MegaUpload. I'll start by saying, this frightens me because this is corporations shaping other businesses far too much.. With the recent news of how MasterCard (among others) had shut down accounts to Wikileaks, it isn't much surprise that requests like these are coming in now.

Luckily MasterCard declined the request (I say luckily because where would it stop if they did turn off access?). And in response, MegaUpload issued a challenging the RIAA to sue them, lol.

�Are payment processors trying to become the legislature of the new decade?� Bonnie Lam of MegaUpload Headquarters asks, �Will it be them, rather than elected governments, who decide what�s right and what�s wrong? Will ballots be replaced by wallets, will people cast their votes by choosing a conservative or a liberal credit card? First WikiLeaks, then cyberlockers � what�s next, and where will it end? Will you no longer be able to settle your ISP bill by MasterCard, as your carrier of choice may profit from copyright infringement?�

�We are watching the unfolding events with interest,� Lam told ZeroPaid, �but as the vast majority of our revenue is coming from advertising, the effect on our business would be limited.�

Bonnie Lam Continues to say...

�Megaupload is a legitimate business operating within the boundaries of the law. In five years of operation we have not been sued by a single content owner. If the RIAA or MPAA would have legal grounds they would have taken us to court by now. We suggest that they attack us within the legal system and stop labeling us until they have something to show.�

I find myself agreeing with MegaUpload. Instead of the RIAA fighting their own battles, they're seeing if someone else will do it for them.

Source: Exclusive: MegaUpload Issues Response to RIAA Over Mastercard Cutoff

If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress?
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Modding Wizard

Joined: Jul 5, 2007
Posts: 776
Post Subject: subject
Posted on: Dec 27, 2010

Why don't we just have a good old fashoined stake burning and just get rid of the RIAA / MPAA once and for all? Hehe just kidding, but we seriously need to phase out these dated copyright laws and have our freedoms like it's supposed to be.

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Selfmade Modder

Joined: Jun 30, 2006
Posts: 4540
Post Subject: subject
Posted on: Dec 27, 2010

I'm rally thinking it's only a matter of time. i mean the copyright laws will have to change at some point, just like the net neutrality laws are (for better or worse...), but the model that the RIAA and MPAA have, and really more so for the RIAA, their need is being quickly phased out.I don't think they'll ever be phased out all together, but i would bet that in the next 10 years, those companies wouldn't be the same ones that we know today. lol then again if comcast gets it's way, maybe they'll ban all traffic except for port 80 web traffic, and piracy won't be an issue, lol

If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress?
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