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  Forum Index - News - NPR reports: Gaming increases brain power
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Post Subject: NPR reports: Gaming increases brain power
Posted on: Dec 20, 2010

This shouldn't be shocking to all the experienced gamers on here, and they aren't the first people ever to report it, but another study confirms it, playing video games has some positive effects.

Among the effects are...

Increased multi-tasking. - "gamers can switch from task to task much faster than non-gamers, making them better multitaskers" This is explained as being part of an ability to take in information faster than non-gamers.

Improved Vision. - Gamers have improved contrast sensitivity and an ability to see smaller type sizes than non gamers.

One of the interesting things I thought the article covered was spatial testing, which is essentially perceiving things mentally in 3D. Women in the past have had lower skills on this, but after a long gaming session, the tests showed the gap between men and women on these tests was essentially gone.

The article follows up with explaining a bit about how different areas of the brain are utilized for gamers and non-gamers. It's a great article, and I'd recommend giving it a read!

Full Article:

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