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New to Fusion

Joined: Jan 25, 2009
Posts: 13
Post Subject: any ideas
Posted on: Aug 10, 2010

I know its a long shot but had no help from the software people and wondered if anybody could shed some light on this problem ?

I have made a video jukebox out of an old pc with this software : Basically a video jukebox that uses directshow as the player running in the background.....Turn your Computer into a Touch Screen Jukebox with Full Screen Mp3 Player Software

It all seemed fine but after playing a music video it should revert back to the selection screen so you can pick another music video.
But when it reverts back to the selection screen the whole screen flashes the only way to stop it flashing is to press stop on the jukebox.
I have auto advance set on the jukebox which plays the selections back to back and works fine its just when the last selection finishes and it reverts back to the selection screen the flashing screen happens.

i found out if you disable auto advance it works fine, it seems that the jukebox program thinks there is another video that has been selected and trys to play it hence the flashing screen?

Where could the problem lie ? Jukebox program ? drivers, the directshow player, the videos ?
I installed the same set up on another pc and it worked fine ? Any clues thanksthanks
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