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  Forum Index - Contests - Mod brothers cardboard case compition
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Joined: Jan 16, 2007
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Post Subject: Mod brothers cardboard case compition
Posted on: Jan 18, 2010

I saw this elsewhere and thought I would share

The Mod Brothers Cardboard Case Competition is underway! The aim of this competition is to build a case from cardboard, Yes! cardboard. Cardboard in all it�s forms, including pre- constructed consumer or commercial cartons, like 24 pack carton for soda pop etc. Your finished case must be able to have hardware in it.

Any Motherboard size allowed, but you must have the following hardware components installed.

Hard drive, any size.
Memory, any amount.
Power supply, any size.
Optical drive (Optional).

It can be non-functioning PC, so it can be broken or old hardware. To make it slightly easier for you, you�re allowed to can use the following prefabricated components.

Metal I/O shield,
Metal motherboard tray with I/O shield backboard or fabricate a metal plate with backboard for MB.
You can NOT use metal drive cages!

Other materials you can use in your build.

Entry Categories:
There are a number of categories that you can enter:
1. Traditional case design, incl tower, box, cube, desktop, anything with 4 sides.
2. Free form creations, anything that doesn�t look like a box.

Judging Categories:
1. Overall design (20 points)
2. Creativity (10 points)
3. Functionality (10 points)
(Judges to be confirmed)

Here is the list of awesome prizes donated by NZXT

1x NZXT Adamas Black Mid tower Aluminum Case
1x NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse
1x NZXT Sentry 2

On the 28th February the competition will end, we require each entry to be submit by 12 noon UTC in its own thread in the correct category with at least 4 photographs of the finished article. You�re not obligated to show progress photos. Each entry must be posted as individual thread.


� Normal forum and website terms and conditions apply to your entries.
� The Mod Brothers reserves the right to refuse entries.
� Winners outside the US may be asked to contribute to shipping costs.
� NZXT reserves right to change prize although it will be of the same monetary value.

Before you can enter, you must have registered with the Mod Brothers Forums and do the following.

1) Read the forum rules, HERE and fill out your forum profile as to location.

2) Introduce yourself in this thread and tell us a little about yourself, HERE

Now you�re ready to enter into one of the two categories, �Traditional Box� or �Free Form Creations� listed in the Competition sub forum, HERE

I don't know about you guys, but I'm seriously considering giving this a go.

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