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  Forum Index - Worklogs - My Next Big Case Mod (Untitled)
Author Initial Thread
Modding Wizard

Joined: Jul 5, 2007
Posts: 776
Post Subject: My Next Big Case Mod (Untitled)
Posted on: Sep 29, 2009

This is my 4th major case mod, and maybe it will even be my first actual "completed" mod. Whenever I was modding behemoth or Blood Ocean, I eventually grew bored of them, or they stopped suiting my needs. I started with Behemoth, wanting a huge case that would house a bunch of future parts. Needless to say, not much occupied the case and a good third of it constantly remained barren. Then I started up what would become Blood Ocean. After mutilating the frame to prepare for a future water cooling loop, I later realized that I would never need a water cooling system to cool my 939 rig. Now the only thing intact that doesn't look like crap is the front panel, and that gets too dusty. >.< Now you can get a really nice overclocking board in micro atx format, and I want a smaller case that can be lugged around to LANs and Friends houses. So instead of looking for the case with the most drive bays and fan holes, I want to fabricate a case that is only as big as it needs to be, while fitting the bare essentials.

Here is a rough idea of what all is going into the rig:
-1 3.5" hard drive
-2 optical drives (bluray reader and dvdr)
-matx mobo (mobo in sig)
-standard size atx power supply
-Large CPU Heatsink
-GFX Card with large heatsink (11"-12" combined length)

Well enough mumbling about what my objective is, lets's get to some actual case details / pics :D

Here's a first for my worklog threads. Usually I would only divulge info on my latest mods once I have it completely planed out in sketchup. But that may take a while, so I decided to give you guys a sneek peek at a concept drawing I did:

It's rough as hell, and oddly disproportionate, but it gives you a glimpse at what will come. The reason the planning and modeling will take extra long, is because I want to make this case the exact way I want it, with some headroom for future upgrades. Also space is obviously going to be an issue, so getting everything to fit will be a challenge in itself.

I wanted to steer away from the normal case style of being a simple rectangle box, and add some more depth to the case. I'm thinking of using plexi as a base material, and spraying over the non transparent parts with black rubber paint. I also wanted to make the case handles look like there a part of the case, instead of the normal sticking out metal bar look. The bars down the middle is the side window(s) and the grid on the right of it is the intake. The bulges will be used for fans or wiring and maybe even a place to fit some hard drives.

Work on it will start once I get some cash flow and I figure out how much plexi I will need.

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Dayton Metro PC Owner

Joined: Jul 24, 2007
Posts: 1235
Post Subject: subject
Posted on: Sep 30, 2009

sounds like a ambitious task at hand, and I praise you for taking on the task of building a chassis from scratch. thats going to be a challenge.

I really hope to see this one all fleshed out.

Core2 Quad Extreme QX96500-ES @ 3Ghz, 4gb Patriot DDR2-1066Mhz RAM, 4gb Intel Turbo Memory, 3x 500GB WD Blue drives, Samsung DVD-RW, GTX 560ti-1gb Gfx card.
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