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Joined: Jan 16, 2007
Posts: 1426
Post Subject: SOTW #2
Posted on: Apr 14, 2009

Im sure every on at one point everyone has wanted to make a font but few know how. lucky for you is a free service that allows you to make your own font easily.

First you print off a few sheets from the site.
Then fill them in the way you want your font to look.
You then scan and upload them to the site.
And in a few minutes you'll be downloading your own custom made font.

Whether you want to make a font based on your own handwriting or whatever your mind can come up with you can do it all with

So what did I do?
Without tougher a do I give you

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Joined: Dec 22, 2007
Posts: 453
Post Subject: Not Bad At all.
Posted on: Apr 22, 2009

its a very cool ap... i tried it out. man it is difficult to "be yourself" and stay in the boxes. very cool though i had alot of fun for a few hours trying different thing. i actually had created a version of the graphitti i did but i wiped it thinking it could probably be traced as evidence seeing as i positively match the handwritting....

Cool Link

**safety note**

try not to think of the price of the part your cutting in half.
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