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  Forum Index - Guides - How to: Unbend Cases after a shipping mishap
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Post Subject: How to: Unbend Cases after a shipping mishap
Posted on: Jul 19, 2008

Some of us have ordered cases online to find out when they arrive, they are bent out of shape due to incorrect packing and shipping companies abusing packages. This happens often to full atx cases that aren't made with 1mm thick steel :P Fortunately with some tools and elbow grease, you can just shape the case back to normal like i did:

This was my parents machine that they had shipped to them. Once we got it the heatsink fell off inside and the entire top section was bent:

The first step is to remove all parts inside the case and to remove any unbent parts of the case. (side panels, front panel, etc.) Then you will need the following tools:

-Power Drill
-Drill bit (same size as the rivets used on the case)
-Rivet Gun
-Rivets (Most cases use 1/8" rivets like mine)

The next step is to drill out all of the rivets that hold the top to the case. Then you will need to take it off:

Next Use the wrench and hammer to bend the affected areas back to normal. I recommended holding the wrench where the bend is and hammering the top of the panel.

After you get everything straightened out put the top panel back on and redo the rivets:

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