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  Forum Index - General Software - Some of my favorite Free software
Author Initial Thread
Modding Wizard

Joined: Jul 5, 2007
Posts: 776
Post Subject: Some of my favorite Free software
Posted on: Apr 20, 2008

This list is nowhere near organized, but it does have some cool pieces of software.

Firefox - Of course I have to add this one. There has been some mixed opinions concerning Firefox, but it works best fore my uses.

CCleaner - If you need to free up some space this is the program to use. It will clear just about anything that windows decides to keep, even though you may never use those 4 gigs worth of temporary files.

Programmers Notepad - This program is a must have for any coder. It's basically notepad with tabs and a search bar. It even color codes over 20 different types of code.

Miranda IM - This is one of the most slimmest IM programs out there. It handles pretty much any major IM protocol (AIM, ICQ, MSN, YAHOO, IRC, Jabber, Etc.) and you can even customize it with plugins. It only takes up 15megs of ram so its great for lower spec systems.

Foxit Reader - This is one of the best alternative pdf viewers. Its only 1 file and its less than 10 megs. Also better than the new bulky 100meg adobe reader.

Google Sketchup - A great tool for planning case mods or any type of project. A free and easy to use CAD alternative.

MWSnap- MWSnap is an advanced screenshot application that lets you take smaller screenshots of individual parts of the screen.

Songbird - Songbird is Mozilla's take on iTunes. It has some cool features but, It's still got alot of bugs since its still in beta.

Ultimate CD/DVD Burner - A single file app that can rip and burn cd's and DVD's. It works great with vista and it can also burn iso's.

JRuler_ A cool program good for measuring the pixel distance of things on your screen. Useful for web designers.

Swift Todo list lite- Sure it's shareware but its not on a time limit and it has alot of great features for a free version. This is a good app if your like me and have 50 things going on at once.

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Joined: Jun 30, 2006
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Post Subject: subject
Posted on: Apr 21, 2008

is that programmers notepad cover a number of languages? I find I'm changing editors a lot always looking for better ones. Right now I'm using one called crimson editor, it handles html, php, javascript, and perl. For some reason finding an editor that does perl as well as php has been kinda hard to do for some reason. But crimson editor actually has built in ftp as well so it's fairly convenient.

Great list though I'll have to check some of those out.

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