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  Forum Index - Show Offs - GH x-plorer
Author Initial Thread

Joined: Aug 7, 2006
Posts: 265
Post Subject: GH x-plorer
Posted on: Nov 27, 2007

So, our guitar hero guitar broke, no problem, bought guitar hero 3 for PS3

but what to do with the old controller? I opened it up to fix it....and fix it i did. but then i got thinking...and completely gutted the controller!

there was one place on the "guitar" that was PERFECT for a window. first few cuts

then i went off-cut crazy

and here it is just about done. I had to leave one bump because thats where the case is screwed together

sorry about the lack of pics, i admit; i got lazy.

Since the controller doesnt have many parts, the window shows nothing, thats why i used the "non-glare" smoked plexiglass, maybe there is something hiding behind it? noone will know!

I also painted the front side, i was hoping for matte black but i was out, so i used the metallic gray i had, it looks okay i guess. Didnt do the other side, because it stands out more this way IMO.

and the best part is, it still works! i just played a few rounds of "frets on fire" (PC GH clone) with no problems, except my lacking skills lol

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Selfmade Modder

Joined: Jun 30, 2006
Posts: 4540
Post Subject: subject
Posted on: Nov 27, 2007

This lookds pretty sweet. It may sound kind of lame but now that I have a gaming console I find this stuff a whole lot more interesting, lol

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