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Supplier: Power Positioning (2P)
Price: $49.99Reviewed: Sep 12, 2007

Car Laptop Universal Charger
Author: piratedninja -- Posted: 2007-09-11
The people over at 2P (Power Positioning) were kind enough to provide us a car laptop charger for review.

To start off here is a picture(NOTE: this pic is from their website since my camera sucks at taking pictures)

theres not a whole lot to say about this since except it does what its supposed to do and doesnt have any other distracting features like some other car chargers do.

I used this non stop on a 250mile trip from Charlotte, NC to Atlanta, GA (4 hour trip) last week and it performed extremely well.
This device didn't heat up at all during that 4 hour trip.

Here are the specs:
Input: DC 11-14v VOLTS
Output: DC 15/16/18/19/20 3.5A Max
DC 22/24V 3.3A 80W Max
Fuse for overload protection: 10Amp

The laptop I used with this needs 19V at 4A and uses a 65W wall adapter.
As stated on their website, the laptop charger will work with most laptops.

The price for this is very resonable at $49.99 considering other companies charge about the same if not more.

The only con this this device is that they didnt include more sizes of tips. the closest match i could find to the one that would fit on my laptop was a bit too big and i had to wiggle it every now and then because it kept losing the connection from the tip to the laptop

For more information on this product or to purchase one for yourself go to:
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