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Price: $150Reviewed: Oct 19, 2007

Support Plus PMP
Author: sp00n -- Posted: 2007-07-20
This is probably the best hand held devices I've owned. Sure its a bit bulky, but for the price its worth the extra pocket weight. It holds 20 gigs, can take pictures, videos, and record audio. It can even record sound / video from an av source with the supplied av cables.

It also has a huge 3.5" screen for easy viewing of movies. It even recognizes divx, avi and mpeg4. The supplied headphones last a good while, and they haven't failed yet. The battery life is awesome as well. It lasts about 5 hours for movie play. The controls are a bit hard to grasp the first time you use it but if you flip to the English part of the instruction manual, (the first 1/2 of it is in French) you will pick it up. You can customize just about everything. There are 3 color scheme choices, and you can even upload your own background. Another problem is the hard drive they use is really slow. If you pack all your mp3's into a single folder it will skip like crazy.

Note: The firmware that comes with this device is crap. Look for the sorrel player firmware upgrade since this is a re brand.

Pros - Divx, 20gb of space, 3.5" Screen, Camera, Battery Life, Tons of Accessories.

Cons - Slow Hardrive, Comes with crap firmware, Bulky

I give this player a 4/5 because despite the flaws, its cheap and it entertains me well in school.
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