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Supplier: Jetway
Price: Reviewed: Jan 12, 2009

Jetway IPC barebones PC
Author: Gh0sTly -- Posted: 2009-01-12
As the computer parts get made smaller and smaller, the computers of tomorrow would get smaller and smaller, except your big gaming machines. Well, the wonderful people at Jetway have given us a glimpse at the future of these ultra small PCs in the form of a barebones kit(model HBJC200C91-330-B). The kit performs wonderfully, and is very simple to assemble. What you get in the barebones kit is a case, power supply, motherboard, and any needed cables and fans for setup.

As you can see, it has a very straightforward look, no real frills, but does exactly what you need it to do, and thats work. The case is very sturdy, and constructed with nice thick sheet metal. No aluminum here. The faceplate is all plastic, with a access door to cover the USB ports, and a knockout plate for a CF card for the optional CF card reader. You also have your Power button and in the center of the shiny bar is a blue LED used for Hard drive activity. The case dimentions are 210 x 257 x 65mm (DxWxH).

Inside the case you will find that there is already a 60w power supply, and a 60mm fan already installed. This 60w PSU is more than enough for all the components that you could actually fit in this case. The fan can be moved from one vent to the other vent if needed for different motherboards. This lets you configure the optimal airflow to keep your components cool. You also find inside is a 6" SATA cable and a SATA adapter for slimline SATA CD/DVD drives.

Inside you will also find a support strut that crosses over the length of the case from front to back. This is where you would mount your 2.5 inch hard drive and slimline CD/DVD drive. Its well constructed, but could be bent easily if not careful.


Our assembly includes a DVD/CD-RW pulled from a Dell laptop, an IDE slimline CD/DVD drive adapter, a Cavalry 32gb SSD hard drive, 2gb of Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800Mhz(clocked down by the motherboard to 667Mhz), and the Jetway NC91-330-LF motherboard. The unit will come with the motherboard preinstalled into the case, as well as the ATX, USB, Power switch, and the HDD activity LED will be all connected

The install needs only 2 screwdrivers, a #0 Phillips for the DVD/CD-RW drive mounting screws, and a #3 Phillips screwdriver for the rest of the screws. Install is painless, and really easy. The only tricky part is the DVD drive connectors if you use a IDE slimline drive. The cables will have to be attached before the 2.5 inch hard drive is installed. Once the hard drive is installed, connect all your cables to the motherboard, and mount down your strut with the 4 screws.

Again, this is a very top notch machine. We gave the NC91-330-LF a 10 of 10, and it shines within this case as a very good contender for the average PC user. The case again, is very sturdy and durable, and you cant hear it even when its on. It might produce a tad bit more noise if you was to use a standard 2.5 inch hard drive, and not a SSD like we used in the test build here. But the noise would still be very nominal, and non intrusive.

In closing, I think my only complaint about this barebones setup is the lack of a
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