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Post Subject: Has been Hacked
Posted on: May 12, 2011

I'll start off with a note of not condoning hacking because I think we all know my personal stance on Fox news. It's a common position taken then you see frequently on the web. announced that was hacked. Instead of the typical hack of just wiping the front page or something else along those lines, they went after user info. This seems to really be the common theme lately. Linkedin accounts were hacked for a few employees, and personal information was posted for a large number of them.

The most entertaining part of this is, the group that hacked them is calling themselves "Lulz Security". Whether this is a real group or just a branch of another more known hacktivist group really hasn't been suggested yet, but we'll be keeping our eye on this one for sure.

So far emails, paypals, twitters and so on have been released publicly for the internet calling for them to be "ravaged", but there hasn't been any news of actual attacks. In the wake of Sony's apparent security flaws, I think it's time that more companies start beefing up their security!

Source: http://www.politico......1/Foxcom_hacked.html

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