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Price: $20-$30Reviewed: Oct 10, 2007

Thrustmaster Dual Trigger Gamepad
Author: sP00N -- Posted: 2007-10-10
I have had 2 of these controllers for about 2 years now, and they are the best controllers I have used. Not only are they cheap, but they can hook up to your playstation 2 and your pc. If you have sweaty hands while gaming, these controllers are awesome. There are grips on the bottom of the controller that feel smooth and keep it from falling out of your hands. It has rumble and 2 triggers that set game specific functions like accelerating/braking or shifting up and down in racing titles.

These suckers can take a beating as well. Ive thrown them down on the ground many of times, (due to game crashes or some other stuff :P) and they still function great. The only problem with these controllers is that the rubber fitting on the analog sticks may wear off after lots of extreme gaming sessions.

They also have great sensitivity as well. The control stick movement reaction is normal, and the buttons are placed far enough from each other to prevent accidental slamming into walls :P I only use these for racing games, and console games, but I don\'t see why they would act odd in an fps game.
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