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Supplier: A. C. Ryan
Price: A. C. RyanReviewed: Oct 3, 2007

Blackfire4 120mm Fans
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2007-10-03
Cooling is by far the most importance factor in performance whether your working on a high end gaming computer or even a home computer for mom and dad. Cooling can let you give your computer that extra power it needs and will definitely lengthen the life of any hardware component. With that said I'm happy to be able to give you guys a review on the Blackfire4 120mm UV Fans by A. C. Ryan.

The 120mm Blackfire4 does have a number of advantages that lets it stand out from the crowd. 120mm fans in general are the quietest for the amount of air they push. This is achieved because they have far larger fan blades then your typical 80mm fans. The 120mm produce fewer than 4 more decibels of noise than its 80mm counterpart, but it's able to push almost twice as much air. While the 80mm s only able to move 43.4 CFM, the 120mm is more then able to move 77.7 CFM. For anyone who wants a performance PC won't have to sit around and think about which model is best for them.

One thing that I really like about these fans is the fact that they're clear UV reactive fans. In addition to that they have UV LEDs mounted in them that really shine. I'm a large advocate on getting your hardware to look as good as it runs and I generally try and mention this is all my reviews. As such these fans are by far the coolest I've used. I'm not just saying that either, lol. I've worked with clear acrylic and light up fans many times but these ones have done the best job on catching the UV effect in the fan body. Unfortunately, a lot of the time all you can see is the beam slowly spreading over the fan blades as it spins.

* lights on

* lights off

One that that I can definitely appreciate them doing over at A. C. Ryan is giving you the option to run this as a 3-pin or a 4 pin fan. This is one place that a lot of companies don't seem to bother with. I'll admit there are a few of them that throw in the adapters, but not a ton. This is pretty nice for the PC enthusiast as it gives him the option to run his fan off the motherboard. This will allow him to monitor the fan which is especially nice if you use it for cooling something that's fairly critical.

I'd like to give A. C. Ryan a big thanks for giving me the opportunity to review their Blackfire4 fan. I've been pretty impressed with this fan. For starters, it can move 77.7 CFM of air while really keeping the noise down. If you hold your hand over the fan you can really feel it. It's true that there are more powerful fans out there but once you start upping the CFM you start making a lot more noise. The other big area that I really like this one for is the looks. It's a clear UV reactive fan with 4 mounted UV LEDs that are pretty powerful. So to anyone looking to get a new fan of any size, I recommend checking A. C. Ryan to see what they have in stock. This fan really balances performance and style very well.
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