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Price: 0Reviewed: Oct 5, 2006

Logisys 550w PSU part2
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2006-10-04
Well the first part of this thread covered the general appearance of this PSU, including some of its specs. This second part of the review will focus more on the performance and operation.

The first this I wanted to do was to see what kind of noise this thing generated. It has two 80mm fans that I expect would be of average power and if they were installed poorly, then this would be a constant annoyance.

I took the wires from my multimeter and just connected the circuit to make it function as a older AT PSU with a hard on/off switch. The noise was barely noticeable, but with the two fans both with great circulation it produced a nice airflow. Now of course this isn't must compared to a CPU fan, but it'll defiantly keep the PSU cool and at the price I paid, I feel it is doing great.

I did a little bit of mod work on this one so that I could have it power on and off with my primary PSU, and I'm about to write that guide after this, but I felt it needed to be said because I'm about to show a pic of the PSU in my case and that'll explain why it's not the only one.

- It looks a little crooked in that picture but I assure you, it's just the angel of the shot.

Now that everything is installed my computer is running near silent like before. Also I'm able to take advantage of all my CD-Roms again.

And as always if anyone wants some more follow up information then just feel free to ask
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