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Supplier: Power Positioning (2P)
Price: $69.99Reviewed: Sep 12, 2007

2P Slim-Mouse
Author: piratedninja -- Posted: 2007-09-12
Recently I was sent a new breed of optical mice which reminds me of the Transformers movie, this new mouse is known as the Slim-Mouse by 2P (the same company that makes those wonderful virtual laser keyboards)

To start off I'll give you some pics (sorry these pics are of horrible quality, I\'ve gota find my other digital camera.

as you can see this mouse is extremely thin at just around 5mm (about the thickness of a standard LED). when you first look at it, it doesn\'t look like much but once you begin unfolding it the small business card sized device starts to look like a mouse.

in pictures the mouse looks like its made of plastic, but instead its actually solid metal (with the exception of a few parts) and feels very sturdy.

Here is a picture showing exactly how thin this mouse really is:

the mouse is beside a standard PCMCIA wireless card
as you can see its almost the same thickness as the card but unfortunately a tad bit thicker (I\'ll explain why this is not good later)

once you unwind the usb cable and form the mouse into something that looks more like a mouse, all thats left to do is plug it into a USB port and you are ready to go.

The mouse pad included is probably one of the best cloth mouse pads I\'ve ever seen and works very well with other optical mice as well the Slim-Mouse.

As you can see in the following picture, the LED is white instead of the standard red ones you find in just about any other mouse.

here is a clearer shot of the bottom of the mouse

you can see that the cable winds neatly into the bottom of the mouse around a rotating spool leaving no cables out in the open

The mouse is made to fit inside an empty PCMCIA slot for storage, but the problem with that is the mouse a little bit too thick and when inserting into the PCMCIA slot it takes quite a bit of force and in the end you have a mouse with paint scratched off which doesn\'t look very good.
It may just be an issue with my particular laptop so its not that big of a deal.
If you don\'t want to store it in the PCMCIA slot, they include a small leather case to protect the mouse while traveling.

There are 2 buttons on the mouse and a touch scroll pad between the 2 buttons. You can see that in this picture:

the scrolling takes a bit of getting used to and you have to make sure you dont touch the scroll pad if you aren\'t using it or else the page you are looking at will sometimes jitter

So how well does this mouse actually perform?
It performs just like a normal optical mouse but gaming with it is a bit uncomfortable if you have big hands like me.
The mouse doesnt work as good on some glossy surfaces so you will need to use a mousepad.

I got a chance to use this mouse in public a few times and it definately caught some attention and i was constantly being asked where they can get one of these.

Excelent build quality
Great for traveling
small size

accidentally touching the scroll pad makes the page you are looking at jitter
the usb cord feels a little weak

For more information on the mouse as well as a video showing how it transforms into a mouse go to

to follow up on this review in the forums click on the link below

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