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Supplier: The Guitammer Company
Price: $69.99 from newegg.comReviewed: Sep 1, 2007

The ButtKicker Gamer
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2007-09-01
Some of my favorite types of hardware to review are the ones that you don't come across everyday. Today we're reviewing what I'd have to say is by far the most unique piece of hardware I've come across yet. The ButtKicker Gamer by The Guitammer Company.

This is a cool piece of hardware. The ButtKicker gives off low frequency sound to give you the feeling that your right there in the action. I'm sure your all thinking, "what is he talking about, low frequency sound?" In a nutshell the" target="_blank">ButtKicker is like a gamepad rumble pad for your chair.

Out of the box, there is a lot more to the ButtKicker then I was expecting. There are a ton of wires and even an amp. Before reviewing this I never knew there was anything more then the "rumble unit" so I was pretty surprised. One thing that I really did like just unpacking the contents was a bag containing a grounding loop. It stated that it has been found that some systems generate a bit of static and they go on to say that for best performance they've included this grounding loop with instructions on how to use it. This really impresses me because I know we've all about hardware where you find that a necessary part isn't included. I'm sure we've all bought printers that didn't include the USB cable (instead you get to drive back to the store and spend the extra cash on one). So the fact that they realized there was a potential problem with certain units and felt inclined to provide a solution for that really did impress me.

Now after seeing all those contents, it's actually incredibly easy to hook up. All that you really need to do is depending on your sound card, you find either the line out or sub woofer line out, add the line splitter (so you can keep your current audio setup alive), and plug that into the amp. From there a line goes to the "rumble unit". Lastly to attach the rumble unit, there is an easy to use clamp that will simple lock around the the steel bar supporting your chair. Once you've done all of this your ready to go.

Now before you turn on the ButtKicker I recommend taking a close look at the chart that is provided and go over the different recommended settings. This little ButtKicker doesn't look all too powerful but it can really shake your chair and believe me, it's a bit of a shock the first time, lol. The first time I turned it on I nearly jumped out of my chair. :)

Once you take a minute or two to get the settings adjusted the way you want them this becomes one very cool piece of hardware. Whenever I'm playing my games now, I always have this thing turned on. Feeling your chair shake as explosions go off around you really puts you much deeper into the game play.

This is really cool because it's so versatile too. It can connect easily to a TV for movies or console games as well as your computer. Setting it up is incredibly easy and they really do make it painless by providing some cord straps. If you guys are looking for something to make your gaming a whole lot better, this will bring a whole new element to it.

I'd like to thank The Guitammer Company for giving me a chance to review the ButtKicker Gamer. It's a very cool piece of hardware and extremely creative. Like I said in the beginning, this is the stuff I really like seeing because it's not the same stuff you'll come across everyday. If you guys are looking for something a little extra from your gaming then definitely check this one out. It's also good for lots of laughs. Just turn the vibrations way up and find an unsuspecting victim to take a seat :)

As always I'd love to hear some questions and comments from you guys!
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