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Price: Reviewed: Aug 21, 2007

SpeedLink SL-6399 remote
Author: cantstraferight -- Posted: 2007-08-21
Today I will be reviewing the SL-6399 remote from SpeedLink

First impressions

The remote

The remote feels nice in your hands and doesnt feel too cheap. it ahs all the buttons you would expect to find on a comupter remote control. The receiver uses USB and has 90cm cable.

The recever

Over all my first impressions were good its not the same quality as the microsoft remote but its less than half the price.

Whats in the box

The remote
The usb recever
And the instruction manual

All you need to do is plug the receiver into a free usb port and windows will install the drivers automatically. Then just press a few buttons on the remote and your done.

General use

The receiver has a small red LED that only goes off only when you press a button on the remote, I would have prefered it the other way but its not to bad.

The remote has a good range but it has to be pointed right at the receiver so sometimes it doesnt work first time you press a button.

Using the remote with windows mce or vista mce
This should be easy. The buttons should all do exactly what they say and you shouldnt have any problems with the remote..

Using the remote with other programs

This is where you will have some problems the remote. This remote was made for use with mce and there is no way of changing what the buttons so. The buttons come under 3 catagories.

Catagory 1
These buttons use HID commands thta alot of programs will recoginise. These buttons include play, pause, stop, next, etc. you should be able to get these buttons working with most programs.

Catagory 2
These buttons use HID commands thta are unique to mce. This includes buttons like start and more. Luckily you can use a program called event ghost to emulate keyboard presses when you press these buttons.

Catagory 3
These buttons emulate keyboard key presses. these buttons are both good and bad some work out okay like up, down etc emulat up and down on the keyboard but some like the my videos button emulate 3 keys pressed at the same time. It is possible in some programs to change the controls so you may be able to get some programs to work with these keys but its not a garentee.

Pros and cons

Its cheap
It works will with mce
It is possible to get it working with other programs

It isnt easy setting it up for other programs
The remote needs to be pointed right at the recever.


If you want a cheap remote for mce or if you dont mind setting it up for other programs I can recomend the sl6399

I give it a 7 out of 10

Overall Rating:
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