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Supplier: Logitech
Price: $69.99 from LogitechReviewed: Jun 1, 2007

Logitech G5 Gaming Mouse
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2007-06-01
When a product comes this packed with features, the only concern is that your review might be to long. When Logitech makes a high-end Gaming Mouse, they mean business. The G5 is a very high end product, especially in the gaming world.

To start off the review, the G5 is a laser mouse, not optical, so it has a very high precision 2000 dpi level. If that wasn't enough you are able to change the sensitivity on the fly from 400 dpi, to 800 dpi, and back up to 2000 dpi. This is a huge convenience when you're gaming because different weapon types are far more maneuverable with different mouse settings. There is even a light indicator to tell you which setting your at incase you forget.

Since we're already on performance, the G5 has a feature which I've been seeing more and more in Gaming Mice. You are able to load weights into this mouse. This doesn't make and literal changes in performance except your own, giving a more solid feel to the mouse as well as your movements.

Above you can see the cartridge of weights and how easily the slide in to place. The G5 comes with 16 weights in total. Half of them are weighing at 4.5 grams, the others weighing in at 1.7 grams. You are only able to use eight at a time, thus giving you a total added weight of 36 grams. It may not sound like much but it is very noticeable, and it does give it a great feel. This approach of having eight slots for weights allows you to really customize the weight settings as well which not to many other weighted mice allow you to do.

Additionally in this image you can see the gaming feet. These are what give the mouse the ability to move with as little friction as possible. Paired up with the right mouse pad you will barely ever feel any friction at all.

In addition to being a high performer, this mouse is extremely functional. As noted before you can change the dpi on the fly, there is also a scroll wheel which allows for horizontal and vertical movement. Then conveniently by the thumb there are two more buttons. By default these will function as forward and back buttons for web browsers, but Logitech offers their software to customize the buttons to function as you'd like them to.

The outer body of the G5 also has a specialized surface for gamers. This is achieved with their special DryGrip technology. Now I don't have a problem with sweaty hands, but I can still feel the different between this and an ordinary mouse, it is much easier to grip.

In addition to the high quality of the G5 body, it looks great as well. I'm someone who likes my equipment to look as good as it functions, and this does not disappoint.

Logitech has really earned their great reputation. The G5 is packed with tons of features that all work together very well. This gaming mouse has great functionality, performance and even comes with options for customization from the weight balancing to the button functions. The looks even match the performance to a degree that most companies seem to even think about. Seeing detail such as the sleeved cord really shows the degree of though and pride that went into a mouse like this.

With that being said I'd really like to thank Logitech for giving me the opportunity to review the G5 Gaming Mouse. I really do recommend that all of you check it out as well, it is definitely a high-end product and I give it a 10.

As always, if you have any questions or comments I'd love to hear them :)
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