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Supplier: NEXUS
Price: UnknownReviewed: May 22, 2007

NEXUS NHP-2200 Northbridge Heat Pipe Cooler
Author: stuv -- Posted: 2007-05-22
The Nexus NHP-2200 is fully constructed out of copper to get the best possible performance. By using almost pure copper material we managed to squeeze out the best possible performance. Enjoy a cool, stable and quiet Northbridge!

Manufacturer: NEXUS (
Product: NEXUS NHP-2200 Northbridge Heat Pipe Cooler (
Review Date: 22/05/07
Reviewer: STUV
Average cost: Unknown

Nexus are known by PC enthusiasts as professionals when it comes to PC silencing. Today I will be taking a look at their brand new offering of the NHP-2200 Northbridge Heat Pipe Cooler. By utilising a u shape heat pipe, and full copper design, Nexus have managed to create a competitive and attractive looking Chipset cooler that is fan less and subsequently completely silent.

The Northbridge is like the heart of your motherboard... And as with all PC components, it's important for stability to keep it cool and operational. But adequate cooling should not always mean added noise, and as such the NHP-2200 has been developed.

The packaging is sleek and informative, clearly stating the specs and allowing buyers to see the product through a small window.

The NHP-2200 comes with a full variety of fittings and attachments to suit supposedly every chipset and motherboard. Unfortunately for me, my M2N32-SLI Deluxe already features a copper heat sink and heat pipe cooler for the chipset and onboard heat sources, so for testing purposes I had to outsource another system with an appropriate motherboard. Another bonus is the cooling compound supplied is silver based, and appears to be of a quite high quality when compared to many of the cheaper cooling compounds supplied with many coolers...

The coolers base appears to have a reasonable finish, and comes packaged protected by a small blue film. The base appears that it would have quite reasonable transfer properties.

The mounting of the cooler was well explained and relatively easy. I had a little problem trying to get the cooler to sit right, however this was mainly cause by the odd positioning on the holes on the motherboard. I believe that most users would be able to install this cooler without too much difficulty.

For testing of the cooler, I ran a comparative test with the original stock cooler with a high load continuous for 45 minutes. I found that over this testing the NHP-2200 proved to preform better than the stock cooler by about 1-2
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