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Supplier: XTracPads
Price: $12.95 from pcxmods.comReviewed: May 18, 2007

The Ripper Gaming Mouse Pad
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2007-05-18
For all the serious gamers out there, one thing that is very important is your mouse pad. Of course a nice system helps, but there's nothing like getting beat because your mouse pad doesn't stick to the surface, and this is the last thing I'd ever admit to losing with. So this is where XTracPads steps in with their high quality gaming mouse pads.

Out of the box, the Ripper feels like a nice solid gaming mouse pad. These have even been known to last well over three years of heavy use. It is a cloth gaming pad but it doesn't feel cheap. The Ripper is extremely durable, as well as flexible. The material is surprisingly light, but is composed of multiple layers. The top is a Soft Cloth Control Weave (SCCW), the middle is made with foam padding, and the bottom is the rubber grip surface.

In al honesty I really like this mouse pad. The top surface is very smooth for great performance and the middle layer keeps things comfortable. But the layer to me that really counts is the bottom layer. I'm sure that we've all used those cheapo mouse pads that places hand out for free, the ones that slide all over the table when you try to move the mouse. I want to really enforce the message that with this mouse pad you will never have to worry about it sliding out form under you.

I've also reviewed a number of mouse pads thus far and I think this one is the best sized. At 11" x 17" not only will you never run your mouse off the side, but you won't have to worry about finding enough room to lay it down.

As far as performance, this thing works great. The surface feels near frictionless which makes it an ideal option for gaming. On that note I'd like to get into the appearance. I really like it. Obviously it's better then the $1 Wal-Mart mouse pads, but it's a good size and has simple look with a cool logo.

In addition to looking great the Ripper travels well. Being a cloth mouse pad it conveniently can roll back up and slide into its original case or any other compartment you have for it.

After doing some nice gaming, I really have to say that I like the feel of the Ripper. It's not too big or small, but feels more like just the right size. The surface lets the mouse flow great and the bottom of the pad will stick to your desk and you'll never have to worry about it sliding around.

I'm really impressed with XTracPads staff as well. You can tell that their company cares more about you guys then making some fast money when they say things like, "We don't make much profit from this or any of our other pads because we feel these should be available to anyone who appreciates a smooth, soft and overall high quality product."

I'd like to thanks XTracPads for the opportunity to review the Ripper Gaming mouse pad. I'd also recommend that all of you check it out. It comes at a really great price for this level of a product, and you'll definitely get your monies worth form it.

As always I'm up for any discussion you can throw at me :)
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