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Supplier: VIZO
Price: $19.99 from sundialmicro.comReviewed: May 17, 2007

VIZO Armada Ram Cooler
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2007-05-17
I want to get into something that I don't get gets nearly enough attention. With higher end computers raising the bar every day cooling is definitely a key concern, but the area that I want to look at specifically today is cooling for your ram. VIZO has a great answer for this. Their product Armada is a simple, easy to install, and very powerful solution.

I'll start this off with really enforcing the fact that the installation is incredibly easy, and anyone can do it in almost no time at all. The Armada comes with two small padded clips that very comfortably clip over your selected piece of ram. I was a little concerned initially at how tight it might hold, but found myself very pleased with the level it grips at. These clips are compatible with all current styles of ram, and I imagine would even work on older systems as well.

The Armada functions by having three 40mm fans attached to a piece of ram. The fans run at 4500 RPM and produce only approximately 28 DBA, which is going to more then likely be less then your CPU fan. Each fan produces 13.86 CFM which is a pretty decent airflow when you consider you have three fans pushing that.

I also just want to say that this product looks great as well. It has a simple look to it and when your PC is running, the fans are backlit to give it a nice cool blue glow to it.

The performance is excellent. The Armada is nearly silent and the airflow is still pretty good. Given for your ram you won't need an extreme amount of cooling, though regardless of how much is needed, cooler products have longer lives, and that is a definite plus when it comes to ram.

I recommend this any anyone with a higher end system. The Armada performs great in all areas. You won't have to worry about things getting to hot, you won't have to worry about excess noise and you can also enjoy the nice blue glow coming from your case.

I'd like to thank VIZO for giving me the chance to review the Armada. I'd also recommend that all of you take a moment to check it out as well, you won't regret this one.

As always I'd love to answer any questions you may have, I'm always up for a good discussion.
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