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Supplier: Hiper
Price: $79.99 from neweggReviewed: May 4, 2007

Hiper 530w PSU
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2007-05-04
I wanted to take this opportunity to take about a real critical computer component that I don't think really gets the attention that it deserves. The power supply is a component that can make or literally break your computer.

Today I'll be reviewing the 530w Hiper Modular PSU.

What I really like about these types of power supplies is the way they look. In all honesty, I love the modular look. It gives it a really clean style and they are extremely great for cable management since you only plug in the cables you need and store the leftovers.

I'll start with the PSU, It has a 120mm fan and an 80mm fan. Now it seems like it might be overkill but this is actually a very quiet fan PSU, and still has very effective cooling. And while it isn't a critical feature, this PSU has a really sleek design.

Now for the close up of the modular connectors...

You'll find that a number of modular PSUs only accomplish this by simple plastic molex plugs. They get the job done but I ended up choosing this PSU because they looked so much better then a plastic molex. And even though those plastic connectors generally have a tab, these connectors have to be screwed in and you can feel the solid connection and know that it's never going anywhere.

I also thought the accessory box was really cool. It's nothing important but it's decent for storing components or anything else. I just thought it was something cool that Hiper included.

Now that you know the first hand experience was great I'll get into the technical details. The motherboard plug comes standard as a 20pin connector with the 4 pin attachment. The PSU connects 4 molex cables and comes with a number of expander cables, and I can just about guarantee that you'll never have any problems running out of cables.

This PSU also supports SLI graphics cards, and the 4 pin P4 connector with two rails for power. I've been using this PSU for over a month and I've been extremely happy with the results so far. It has great air flow, great looks, and a whole lotta power behind it.

If you guys have any questions or comments I'd love to hear them :)
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