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Supplier: Logitech
Price: $59.99 from LogitechReviewed: May 1, 2007

Logitech G3 Laser Mouse
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2007-05-01
Just recently I've been given the opportunity to review the Logitech G3 Gaming Mouse. First thoughts when I received the mouse, "This is one cool mouse", and I wasn't kidding. In my opinion to be deemed a gaming mouse you have to be at the top of the food chain to start with.

The G3 does have some cool features too. It's a USB mouse so it has an extremely high connection speed. Being USB, it is capable of up to 500 reports a second, never missing a single move. Now to add to that, the G3 has a 2000 dpi Gaming-Grade Laser Engine giving you the highest performance laser sensor.

Since we're on the topic of precision movements, I also wanted to quickly point out an additional little feature on this mouse. It comes with a button to change the sensitivity on the fly, switching between 800 dpi and 1600 dpi. This may not sound like much but it's actually a cool feature. I found it really helpful for online gaming as well. It lets you make more precision movements when doing something like sniping, and then switch back to the normal mode when you're tearing through the map.

Now that I've listed most of the stock features I want to give you my first hand experience. After all, it's not much of a review without the personal experience is it?

I want to start off by saying that this mouse feels great. It has a really nice weight that feels balanced for speed and accuracy. The feet on the mouse also let it glide near frictionless. I tried it on a few different surfaces and never had a problem with it. And as far as comfort, I thought this was cool, the body of the mouse is made with a special DryGrip technology. I don't have a problem with sweaty hands or anything, but you can feel a difference and grip it very well.

This mouse does feel like it has very accurate movements as well. I don't know if it's just the feel of a new mouse in my hands, or what but when I took it to the testing grounds for a good long game of WarRock, I did excellent with it. Sniping is my favorite approach in most FPS and the ability to change the dpi is a really cool feature for that.

Now I like to talk about the good just as well as the bad but in all honesty I couldn't find anything bad about this mouse. I've been using Logitech mice for a while now and I have recommended them a number of times in the past, even converted a few friends. They have great software for button customization, and with the 4 mouse buttons this one has, it just makes it an even more powerful mouse.

I'd like to thank Logitech once again for giving me the opportunity to do this review. I recommend the G3 Gamers Mouse to all of you. Definitely if nothing else take some time and check it out, you won't be disappointed.

As always I'd love to answer any questions you guys can throw at me :)
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