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Supplier: Logitech
Price: $69.99 from LogitechReviewed: May 1, 2007

Logitech G11 Keyboard
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2007-05-01
It can easily be stated that the keyboard is the single most essential piece of hardware on any computer. But when does your keyboard make the move from simply essential to luxury? The Logitech G11 Gaming keyboard really gives you everything you would ever need.

One of the many features that really set this one above the rest is the programmable keys. The G11 comes fully equipped with eighteen programmable keys, and if that wasn't enough there are also three macro keys.

The next feature is one that I require all my keyboards to have these days. The media buttons. I just about always have my music playing so the ability to quickly control it even if I'm not at my media player is a must. So when I saw the larger then normal media buttons that are backlit I was impressed.

Now one of the cooler features that is focused for all you gamers is the illuminated keyboard. This feature has two levels of brightness as well as the option to turn it off all together. It's defiantly cool looking and something that I'd just keep on at all hours of the day just to show it off. This is a real great feature for those long nights of gaming :)

Now it's time for the first hand experience.
The keyboard feels great. The design doesn't throw you off at all like many other ones do. They keyboard is also completely silent. If you're up all night you'll definitely appreciate this one.

The G11 also has many features that you wouldn't expect to see on a keyboard. One of the most convenient is the USB ports in the back. There are also grooves in the bottom of the keyboard to help you route wires around for additional devices.

The only down side I saw to this keyboard was that it wasn't wireless; but in this case, that would actually do more harm then good. Being designed for gamers, a wireless keyboard can cause signal loss which will just hurt your gaming. From personal experience, there is nothing more annoying then dead batteries in the middle of a game..

The G11 gets my seal of approval. I'd like to thank Logitech for giving me the opportunity to review the G11 Gaming Keyboard. It is definitely a quality piece of hardware. I recommend that everyone check it out, you won't be disappointed.

As always I'd love to field any questions you can throw at me. I'm always up for a good discussion :)
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