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Price: 0Reviewed: Mar 3, 2007

Logysis 550watt Clear Acrylic PSU
Author: Slider388 -- Posted: 2007-03-03
I recently bought a new PSU from Logysis.
It has a nice high 550watts, perfect for any low-very good pc. I'm not using the term"High-end" because unfortunatly it does not support SLI or CROSSFIRE graphics cards. It's wattage probably wouldn't be good enough for a power hungry system either. Now that I brought your enthusiasm down with about the only cons, here come the pros:
The PSU is cased in a clear acrylic casing, so you can see all the guts, it's very nice, and is completly clear.

The cables come pre-sleeved in a cool UV reactive green sleeving, and the connectors are also uv reactive green.

It has two 80mm clear fans, which are beautifully lit up with 4 blue leds each, and even though they are pretty quiet, and they're really successful in the battle against heat, and provide a clear airflow through the PSU.Awesome looks too. They have a low ripple and vibration also.

It supports both 230 and 110 volt outlets(very useful if you move alot), and as a handy switch on the back, next to the power socket. It has over-voltage and short circuit protection too, not to forget the built-in EMI Filter and Anti-Interference Electronic Resistor!
It comes with two wires with 3 molexes each; a cable with the motherboard cpu power connector;another cable with a PCIexpress connector, and a 24pin motherboard connector, of which you can take 4 pins off so that you can use it on 20pin motherboards!!(Extremely useful!) It also comes with a wire holding 2 ATA connectors for SATA hard drives.
The wires are pretty long, which is very useful for large cases, but can also possibly cause a clutter in normal cases(I just tucked the extra cables in my empty 3.5 bay,but its still a bit jumbled up), but it will definatly be annoying in mini ATX cases, unless you can find a solution to hide them or tuck them away.

Here are the voltages and amperages:
AC Input Voltage Current
100V - 240V 6A - 3A
DC Outputs
+3.3V +5V +12V -5V -12V +5V(SB)
30A 38A 25A 0.5A 0.8A 2A

If you're searching for a good psu with looks, especially if you have a big or normal case, and are considering this, don't hesitate anymore, go for it!!!You won't regret it!It's definatly worth he 50$,which make it extremely cheap for what it is!
There are a few small flaws, but they aren't really anthing much. 5 out of 5 stars!
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