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Supplier: RatPadz
Price: $24.99 from RatPadzReviewed: Feb 20, 2007

RatPadz Gaming Mouse Pads
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2007-02-20
Today I have something really special for all of you. The RatPadz GS and XT are up for review today. These two gaming pads aren't your typical mouse pads. I'd like to start this off by thanking them for providing these products and urge you all to check them out.

One of the first things I want to talk about that really impressed me is their dedication to making a better product, making it at a better price, and being there for their customers. The XT has been known to last up to and over 5 years by hardcore gamers. They also have a 1 year warranty, and state that even if a year has already passed then you should contact them anyways because they still might be able to help. This really impressed me to find dedication like that.

Ok guys, now on to the gaming pads...
All of their gaming pads are black and this is for a reason. Back when optical mice were still fairly new they were able to pick up movement on black surfaces better then any others. Now this is still true, but as the technology developed they work fine on just about any surface. As such you see the black surfaces; although, some colors may be on their way.

Additionally you won't have to worry about sliding your mouse off the mouse pad with these guys. Their dimensions are 11.5 wide, 9.5 tall, .25 thick. And this brings me to my next point. These things are practically indestructible. When you hold them you can feel their durability. This is why they are backed so well.

Now like I mentioned earlier these are affordable while providing performance. A lot of gaming pads cost in the range of $40+, these are $25 for the XT and $15 for the GS, and that includes the priority shipping..

Now for the first hand experience. After using this for some gaming for a couple hours I'm incredibly happy with it. The mouse glides incredibly well over the gaming pad. The only concern that I had was if you have a mouse with warn down pads then it may create a little noise. Now this isn't to big of a concern to me and I think can illustrate that these pads have the potential to outlast a lot of mice.

I'm so impressed with this company. In all honesty I think their customer support is enough to like them. :) They've been able to produce an incredibly durable gaming pad at low costs and I think that deserves some real notice. If any of you are looking for affordable gaming solutions then defiantly check them out. They won't let you down, especially in the long run.

Once again I'd really like to thank RatPadz for supplying these great products. I really do recommend checking them out. As always I'd also love to field any questions you guys can come up with. :)
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