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Price: 0Reviewed: Jan 30, 2007

ULTRA V Series 350w PSU
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2007-01-30
I recently purchased the ULTRA V Series 350w PSU. This PSU is pretty nice just for the cabling it supports...

1x 20/24 Pin Mother Board Connector
1x 4 Pin 12v Mother Board Connector
8x 4 Pin Molex Connectors
2x 4 Pin Floppy Power Connectors
1x PCI Express Connector
2x SATA Connectors

Now I know this will throw a bit of a fit powering some higher end gaming machines, but this one suits my needs perfectly. This PSU is designed for dedicated power output with minimum noise. Now I know this is becoming a pretty standard feature, but hey, I still like that fact. Say you want to upgrade in the future, this PSU supports both AMD and Intel, and in my experience, PSUs outlive all other parts of the computer.

Now the final part covers the PSU in operation. This really wouldn't be much of a review if I didn't try it out would it? I wanted to get a feel for the noise output. Since this boasts it's low noise level it did need to be tested. ULTRA really does aim to please, and beleive me, they're not lying. Since this is a 120mm fan, it doesn't need to rotate nearly as much as an 80mm to produce the same CFM. I swear to you, this PSU is silent, but you can still feel the steady movement of air.

I really hope you all enjoyed this review. In the future I plan to swap this fan out with a lighted one, but for now it's pretty great for the job. As always i encourage any discussion you guys can come at me with.
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