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Price: 0Reviewed: Jan 24, 2007

Freezer 7 Pro
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2007-01-24
Here's a category that really affects everyone. Keeping your CPU cool is by far the most important task of any cooling system whether it's water, air, or anything else. The guys down at Arctic Cooling were good enough to send some products to review and today we're going to be taking a good look at their Freezer 7 Pro. This is a really nice CPU cooler that fits a socket 775 Processor, which ranges from Celerons, P4s, and all the way up to the Core 2 Extreme Quad.

My first impression when I opened the box was, "Wow". This is this massive compared to my current stock cooler. The fan is a 92mm fan which blows my stock slim 80mm fan away. The entire construction of this cooler is pretty impressive; from the functionality to the level of detail involved.

Starting with the level of detail, I really like the fan. First I like the grill. I know this sounds weird, how many people are impressed by a grill right? Well first I like it simply for its looks, after seeing all those stock grills, this is a nice on for the eyes. Next the functionality of it is pretty impressive too. The motor is mounted on the grill and held by rubber-like grips to the body of the fan. This is acts as a huge noise reduction measure. I also really like fact that they took the time to sleeve the wires, to me that shows that this is a product that they're proud of and want to show off.

Now for the functionality of it. I already mentioned the noise reducing fan, so I want to mention the motherboard mounts. I was a little hesitant about when I wanted to review a CPU cooler just because I didn't want to have to tear my system apart to screw the cooler into the back of the board. Now I know most people only install the fan when they initially build the system, and this isn't a problem to them. The cool thing about the way this locks in place is, you don't have to tear your system apart to do it. You can lock and release it from the front of the mother board, and this is achieved incredibly easily.

As far as the stats, I am still very happy with this cooler. The fan rotates at 900-2500 RPM which is controlled by the motherboard. While at I assume full power, it can move 45 CFM, which competes with a large number of 120mm fans. And as noted above, while it hits all these impressive marks, it's still able to remain incredibly silent. Arctic Cooling has noted on their site that they are more then capable of beating out the stock cooler on noise reduction as well as cooling. These claims are defiantly true.

Now it really wouldn't be much of a review if I didn't at least try it out to give you the first hand report. Well even at this very moment I have the Freezer 7 Pro running in my system.

The computer for this review will be my personal web server. This is where I test large updates to the site before I upload the real changes to the main server. This computer is a pretty big necessity to me.

Now this should also give you all an idea of the size of the Freezer 7 Pro. Now luckily my motherboard has a temp probe beneath the CPU so I'm able to get temperature readings on it. Before the Freezer 7 Pro, I was idling at 42 Celsius and peak at around 48 Celsius. This has steadily taken my down 5 degrees. With the new cooler I am idling at 36~37 Celsius and peaking at 42 Celsius. The change is nice and quieter as well.

To give you a better of idea of my system specs, I'm running...
- P4 3.0GHz processor
- 512mb DDR 2700
- 2x 40 gig HDs, RAID-0
- Windows XP Professional

I'd like to thank everyone at Arctic Cooling again for providing us with one of their Freezer 7 Pros, also if anyone is interested in the counterpart, the Freezer 64 Pro then I recommend you check them out.

I've really enjoyed reviewing their product and be sure to check back as there will be more to come.

And as always I'm interested in any questions/comments you have for me, I always enjoy discussing everything.
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