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Price: 0Reviewed: Jan 17, 2007

SteelSeries Qck+ Mouse Pad
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2007-01-17
Now when it comes to gaming we all know that every move counts. The single piece of hardware that will end up killing you the most is your mouse. Luckily I've been able to put the SteelPad QcK+ mouse pad by SteelSeries to the test.

To be honest I've been looking forward to this. The description describes this as "the limousine of cloth mouse pads" and they're right. This is the only mouse pad I know of that can boast a 17 x 15 inch mouse pad, that completely covers my 20" TV screen. And as we all know, when it comes to gaming, size does matter.

You won't have to worry about rolling your mouse off this pad ever again. In addition to the size, the top lining is very high quality. I found I had excellent mouse pickup, and you can really feel it just by running your hand over it. This will gave you those extra split seconds you need when you're gaming. The final feature to keep your kill score at the top is the base is made of some really nice non-stick material. I wear long sleeved shirts a lot and I've had my sleeve catch the mouse pad and drag it with the mouse so many times before but this thing has definitely passed that test.

Another feature that I'm really like is the logo. Now I know that this has nothing to do with functionality, but let's be honest, a plain black mouse pad is pretty dull, this logo does give it an edge. I know I wouldn't mind taking it to some LAN parties.

Finally I want you all to get a good feel this pad. Showing the simple pictures of it alone is nice and all but we all know it's not really sizing it up for you at all. So here is a nice shot of it with a standard two button Microsoft mouse.

I think that should really put it into perspective for you. The size of it may feel a little weird at first but trust me, you'll really appreciate it fast.

Again, if anyone's interested in reading up some more on this, it's the SteelPad QcK+ mouse pad by SteelSeries. And I'd like to thank them for giving me the chance to show this on my site as well.

As always if anyone has any questions they'd like to ask I'm always up for a good discussion.
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