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Supplier: Cooler Master
Price: $29.99Reviewed: Jun 8, 2011

Notepal LapAir
Author: t_h_schafer -- Posted: 2011-06-08
Laptop coolers don\\\'t generally excite. When one shops for a laptop cooler I assume they look for something inexpensive that works and isn\\\'t a pain to use. Thankfully, the NotePal LapAir delivers on these most important fronts.

The LapAir doesn\\\'t look like anything special with its solid black plastic, single USB connector and lack of extra USB ports or fan control. Even without all the bells and whistles the LapAir impressed me with some simple additions that make it comfortable to use and a design that manages to work extremely well.

For starters, the LapAir features a small cushion on the bottom that makes it perfect for surfing the web while sitting on the couch or lying on the bed. I hadn\\\'t really considered that this small addition would add much to the piece of hardware, it really does. Not a lot of laptop coolers are comfortable when you take them off the desk, and as a rare exception, the LapAir manages to stand out from other coolers.

The USB power connector for the LapAir includes a USB port on the end ensuring that you aren\\\'t out a USB port when you\\\'re using it. For the times that you aren\\\'t using the cooler the bottom of the LapAir has a useful recessed groove for simple cable management.

One of the best design features of the LapAir is the wide mesh area for airflow. The LapAir fits laptops up to 17inches wide and the mesh grate above the fan runs the entire length meaning that wherever the fan on your laptop is located, it is likely that it will sit roughly within this zone. That\\\'s crucial for keeping the temperatures down and something the LapAir manages to do quite successfully. For the purposes of temperature monitoring, I used a five year old Compaq Presario.

Average Temperatures
IDLE: 49 C
HIGH: 60 C

Average Temperatures with LapAir
IDLE: 43 C
HIGH: 45 C

For its performance and comfort, the Cooler Master\\\'s new Notepal LapAir gets high marks. As laptop coolers go, if you\\\'re looking to use one off the desk, the LapAir is your best bet.
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