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Price: 0Reviewed: Jan 11, 2007

Logisys Blue 4 inch Cathodes
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2007-01-11
Now recently purchased some 4 inch cathodes for a project I am just started and I though I would show them off. The brand is Logisys, I've also done a PSU review on them which I'll say is still working for me in perfect condition.

So to start, here's a shot of the cathodes in their packaging.

It's pretty standard as far as packaing goes, but i felt it was a good place to start off. Inside the package are the 4 inch blue cathodes. The one thing that i did like about these are the blue line son the casing, these will help improve the color. I know in the past I've heard many times how red cathodes looked pink, well these won't be faded at all.

I also appreciate the switch they use now. As changes go, most cathodes came with a rocker that you would have to mount yourself.

But now it's time for everything you guys have been waiting for, the money shots. It was actually hard finding the right settings on my camera to take these pics, but here is the first one with the lights on, of the ones i took, this one had the least glare..

Now it's time for the lights out pic, again this was the cleanest pic i was able to take..

As you can see these things may be small but they can definatly hold their own.
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