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Supplier: Noctua
Price: $24.99 from newegg.comReviewed: Mar 20, 2011

Noctua NF-S12B Case Fan Review
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2011-03-20
One thing I've come to appreciate when I'm looking at various hardware, is a sense of style without trying to over do it. Today I'll be reviewing the NF-S12B 120mm Case Fans from Noctua, which like their other fans, I think we can safely say they've been able to do just this.

In the past when I've reviewed Noctuas NF-P12 and their NF-S12, Noctua has always had a real focus on noise reduction. Right out of the box, the NF-S12B comes with sound dampening supplies, which really goes the extra mile.

The most notable of these are the rubber screws. These install very easily, and reduce the noise that comes from fans vibrating flat against the case. Additionally, if you decide that you really enjoy that noise, then normal fan screws are also included!

Beyond providing you with options on how you want to mount the NF-S12B, Noctua also include two voltage reducers. The U.L.N.A. and the L.N.A which will drop the voltage of the fan. This is ideal for Home Theater setups where the noise levels will frequently outweigh the performance concerns.

With that last statement said, I think it's time to show off the performance numbers...

Compared to the NF-S12, the NF-S12B comfortably out performs its predecessor. With a lower noise level, and higher airflow, you see the improvements to Noctua's line of case fans.

This is made possible largely due to the new design for the fan blades. On the outer edges of the blades there is a bevel design, allowing it to hit nearly a 10% increase in efficiency over its predecessor.

Now for the first hand experience...
I will say, for the installation, the rubber screws can sometimes be a little tricky, though they're definitely worth it. This problem simply comes from the fact that you will be pulling the screws through from the inside of the case, and room can be a little limited in there depending on your setup.

Once installed, you can use the native 3pin power connector to plug it right into your motherboard, of you can use the 4pin adapter. When running, the fan doesn't stand out in noise levels above the operation of the case itself, but it still moves a very noticeable amount of air through it.

In the end, I do seem to be frequently happy with Noctua's products. I like their unique color scheme since it gets my attention, but it isn't too flashy. I also love their need to keep improving and innovating with their products. If you're looking for some new case fans, the NF-S12B is definitely worth checking out.

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