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Price: Reviewed: Jan 31, 2011

Gamers Guide: Energy Drink Roundup
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2011-01-31
One area that never gets enough attention in gaming is our love for caffeine! Just looking around, it's easy to find caffeine infused items like gum, bar soap and even beef jerky! So we thought a fun article that everyone would love would be an energy drink round up!

The candidates for this will be...
- Red Bull
- Cocaine (Spicy and Mild)
- Rockstar Recovery
- Bing
- Venom
- NOS Loaded Cherry

The inspiration for this one came from a combination of living in the dorms at one point, too many late night programming sessions, and of course, a lan party.

For the contenders, we just headed over to a local grocery store and picked up some of the common energy drinks. I know we didn't get them all, but we didn't want to be the encyclopedia of energy drinks, so I ask you to bear with me on the candidates.

So lets start off with the basics... Here's a nice comparison of the caffeine content.

As you can see, the overall winner when it comes to the caffeine is Cocaine. This one has the most caffeine per container as well as the highest caffeine per serving, which definitely packs a punch for such a small can.

Overall, one of the biggest considerations is still the flavor. And we're definitely aware of this!! To have the best results possible, we put together a small taste testing of all the energy drinks. Some of the reactions are listed below.

Cocaine Mild - Tastes very smooth.

Cocaine Spicy - Wow, that's a kick, and I'm not sure I was ready for it!

Bing - you can actually taste the cherries!

Rockstar Revocery - I love how this actually tastes like lemonade!!

Overall on the taste tests, Cocaine Mild won, with Rockstar Recovery as a close second. Overall, no one had anything bad to say about any of the drinks, which is always a great thing to hear.

This energy drink round up award goes to Cocaine Mild. The flavor was smooth, and the caffeine was the highest. For your next lan party or marathon cram session, this one should do the trick.

I think they earn the great warning message on the side of their label.

In the end, this was a fun article to write and we hope everyone enjoyed it. I know this isn't an every day topic for a tech site, but really, it's a bit of cornerstone. After all, it seems like most online modding stores even have a "Caffeine" section! If anyone has questions or comments, we'd love to hear them. If anyone else has any recommended energy drinks, maybe we could put together a round two in the future!
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