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Price: FreeReviewed: Oct 14, 2010

Space Funeral
Author: T_H_Schafer -- Posted: 2010-10-14
I need to share with you a game called Space Funeral.

Perusing the web, as I often do, I discovered a game titled Space Funeral. I thought I'd give it a go. It is free and I had some limited free time, so whatever, I thought.

It was made by one guy(who goes by thecatamites) in RPG maker 2003. From what I played he must be somewhat schizo. In a good way.

The game greets you with its title "Space Funeral" and three options. "Blood", "Blood" and "Blood". That kind of sets the tone for the rest of the game, which is awesome by the way. In case you don't want to read on you don't have to. This game is free and full of blood and hilarious. Take a look at the pictures and go play it.

The in game art is awesome. Mutant face trees, zombie head houses, blood rivers, blood lakes, blood puddles, a constantly sobbing protagonist and his headless four-legged horse, ice frogs, muscle dudes, pyramids, blood wolves, blood caverns, wizards and more dominate each location in a kind of awesome 8-bit beautiful wretchedness. If the game does nothing more, it presents a vast array of characters and fleshed out locations.

I can't say I loved the story. But I felt okay with that. The game mostly guides you through a crazy horror show the whole way without much driving force other than a vague idea about some wizards, maybe a genie and some place to go where you can change the world back to its original form. (Something less gory I presume.)There is some real imaginative humor going on in the game. This is a game I actually wanted to talk to everyone, just to see what crazy thing would be said next.

It plays out as a pretty standard RPG from 1987 on the NES I suppose. You've got potions for healing (blood bags), things for mana (nuts), revival spells, techniques to learn for healing, status effects and increased strength (muscle). What's different is a mystery command that does just about anything, most the time nothing though. It'll do anything from killing all enemies instantly, to making the main character throw up (which often makes enemies throw up, but doesn't do any damage), to making him sing or sob uncontrollably. There really isn't any difficulty here though. That is my major complaint. I thought just a touch of difficulty would have made the game much more engaging, as it stands I just breezed through it while barely even healing.

The music stands out. I loved it, especially the track in the very first village. I thought that I'd get sick of the music, but the game did a great job of mixing things up. You get some pretty obscure stuff in there as well as some video game throwback stuff. I won't spoil it, it's half the fun. Well, maybe it isn't half of the fun, but it's a big chunk of it. The music is fantastic, and somehow fits perfectly into the spastic, go anywhere bloody strange romp that is Space Funeral.

Overall, I loved the game. It's real short, something you'll probably beat in one sitting. But it's free, so that doesn't really matter. This is something I would love to see made into a larger game, but something I could also see losing some of the charm in a translation. So get it while it's good, because it is good and you'll have fun with it probably, and you don't have to pay for anything.

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