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Supplier: Das Keyboard
Price: $129.99Reviewed: Apr 20, 2009

Das Keyboard
Author: Gh0sTly -- Posted: 2009-04-20
Some people think that a Keyboard is just a keyboard, and then some think that a keyboard is special. Most typists, gamers, and modders agree, keyboards are special. Today, I bring to you Das Keyboard from

At first glance, it looks nothing more than a mild mannered, glossy black keyboard, until your fingers touch the keys. This keyboard is like the grandchild of the Model-M. It has, to put it bluntly, "Clicky" keys. The Das Keyboard is equipped with mechanical keys instead of like newer traditional keyboards that have a plastic membrane and rubber buttons. Das Keyboard also has a wonderful heft, weighing in a 42 ounces.

Here is a quick audio clip of the "clicky" keys: Audio Clip
You may have to right click, and "save as" to download it and play it.

One of the nice features of Das Keyboard is its built in USB 2.0, two port hub. This hub is tied to the PC using a 6.6ft USB cable, even some of the largest desk setups are no match for its cable length. The USB cable is made with a nice thick insulated cable so if it gets snagged, it wont get tore up.

The general construction of Das Keyboard is really top notch. The face of the keyboard is made of a high quality plastic and is a very glossy black, to the point where you can see your own reflection in it. The botom half is made of the same grade plastic, and is a matte black. The key switches are the best mechanical switches, and are gold plated for a long life. They have a very nice feel to them, and have a very satisfying click to them.

Within the Das Keyboard lies the heart of a PC gaming keyboard. It has n-key rollover so you can literally press 12 keys, and not get the classic "key jamming." Most traditional keyboards have about 3 - 4 key presses, and they "jam" or cause the system to stop recognizing key presses, and the system starts beeping wildly.

Now lets get down to the facts of the keyboard. The Das Keyboard is PC and MAC compatable, and will work fine under Windows, Linux and MAC OSX. The LED's are a non invasive blue, and are bright enough to be seen, but not overpowering. It has the 3 traditional Windows keys. The Das Keyboard is also compatible with most KVM switches. I would assume that the KVM would have to be USB, and not use a PS/2 to USB adapter. The Das Keyboard also is a true plug and play device. As soon as you plug the keyboard in, it starts working.

The Das Keyboard offers up a no nonsense keyboard that feels great, sounds great, and works incredibly well. I would have to say its one of the best keyboards I've ever used. I would say its a bit too much keyboard for the average joe, but any professional typist, gamer, or modder would fully appreciate the quality of this keyboard. Although one may see the price tag and shy away, I feel this keyboard would give years of faithful service. On that note, anyone looking to buy a quality keyboard need not look any further, because the Das Keyboard is about as good as it gets.

I would like to thank Metadot Corp. for letting me review this fine product, and I hope to review more from them in the future.

Das Keyboard

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.

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