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Price: $74.99Reviewed: Apr 4, 2009

Patriot Memory Viper Series DDR3-1333 KIT
Author: Gh0sTly -- Posted: 2009-04-04
Everything is going DDR3 now, and its the way of the future. Today, we will be looking at Patriot Memory's Viper series DDR3-1333Mhz 4gb kit. They are a modder and gamer's dream. These are fast, and look great!

Out of the box, you will notice the sticks of memory have quite some heft to them. This is due to the heatsink design on the sticks. They have very well designed heatsinks on them, and the two sides are not tied to each other, so they cant share the heat. They also have long extruded and ribbed fins on the tops of the heatsinks to dissipate the heat into the air inside the chassis of the computer, instead of letting the hot air linger around the ram. They also have a nice silver powedercoat on them with a chrome DDR3 and PATRIOT logo

The 4GB kit does run at 1333Mhz as described earlier, and has great timings, at 7-7-7-20. This gives you a lower latency and faster performance. And they use a lower voltage than DDR2. These DDR3 sticks run at 1.7v, over DDR2's 2.1v. All of this equates out to faster times, cooler ram, and a theoretical higher overclock.

Our test rig we will be using for this will be a AMD Athlon x2 5000 at 2.8Ghz, a Jetway MA3-79GDG Combo, Windows Vista Ultimate x64, and the ram will be in dual channel mode. We will use Everest for the testing.

As you can see, they perform very well, and have the potential to perform even better when overclocked.

If you are In the market to build a DDR3 based machine, the Viper PC3-10666 4gb 1333Mhz kit is the way to go. Its cheap for DDR3 at under $80, and it performs great. Just keep in mind that this kit is not for the Core i7 / X58 motherboards out there. Those run 3 sticks of this ram, and they do have a kit for that. I'm sure that the performance for that kit would be even better.

I would like to take this moment to thank Patriot Memory for letting me review this excellent product, and I look forward to reviewing more of their products soon.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
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