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Supplier: Case Ace
Price: $59.99 as reviewedReviewed: Mar 21, 2009

Case Ace GearGrip LCD
Author: Gh0sTly -- Posted: 2009-03-21
Some of us may know this company for their great CPU carrying gear for Lan parties, but Case Ace, the makers of the GearGrip PRO and G2, but today we will be looking at their GearGrip LCD carrier.

First thing you notice about the front of the GearGrip LCD is its buckles and heavy duty nylon webbed staps. The buckles are made out of a heavy duty ABS plastic and hold very tight. The straps are adjustable and very durable and are well upto the task of carrying even the largest LCDs. These are availible in 5 sizes.
Small - will fit most 15" - 17" displays
Medium - will fit most 17" - 20" displays
Large(non wide screen) - will fit most 20" - 24" displays
Wide(widescreen) - will fit most 20" - 24" displays
XL - will fit most 30" displays.
They are all very similar in design and will protect the display very well.
Also on the front you get a velcro strap to carry your Power or VGA cable, and a elastic mesh pocket designed to carry the LCD power brick.

On the backside you see the nylon straps continue all the way around the entire display for extra strength. You will also notice that the entire backside, as well as parts of the front are covered in a balistic nylon fabric to increase strength and durability. Under the backside you get a layer of foam laminate padding, a stiff honeycomb core made from ABS plastic to shield the display from any sharp objects hitting the screen. On the top of the GearGrip LCD, you get a very rugged, rubber, yet comfortable handle, as well as strap loops made from ABS plastic, and a shoulder strap to go with it. The shoulder strap is approximately 2 inches wide, and has a plastic slideable shoulder pad. The whole top is reinforced by another nylon strap across the length of the top and will help distribute the weight of the entire LCD.

Inside the GearGrip LCD, you have another layer of foam laminate padding to protect the display, as well a very soft tricot fabric lining to keep from scratching the display. It covers the entire inside and keeps the chassis from getting scratched as well.

Our review will be the Wide model today, and we will be using a HannsG Hi221D 22" LCD display. We will focus on how well it fits, and how well it does its job. We will also include a lot of photos of the GearGrip LCD fitted to the display.

First off, fitting the display in the GearGrip LCD is easy. Open the GearGrip LCD inside facing up, and place the LCD display down onto the inside back of the GearGrip LCD, fold the top front over the top of the LCD and the bottom front over the bottom backside of the LCD, then you adjust the straps and snap the buckles closed. Its simple to do and it takes no time at all. You can then wrap up your VGA/DVI cable in the cable holder, and put your power cable or power brick in the mesh pocket.

Overall, it fits very well, and even with this 22" LCD, the shoulder strap isn't too bad. Its not the most comfortable thing in the world, but you aren\'t going to be walking forever to where you are going to setup at. I 'modeled' a few shots of what the whole unit looks like loaded up and with the strap on my shoulder.

Overall, this is a irreplaceable device for the lan party lover. It would make travel a breeze and I couldn't see myself not using it if I had to travel anywhere with my LCD display. I would highly suggest this for anyone that frequents a lan party.

I would like to take this time to thank Case Ace for letting me review this great product, and I look forward to reviewing more from them in the future.

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