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Supplier: DirectTron
Price: about $70Reviewed: Feb 5, 2009

Morex 2733 Mini-ITX case
Author: Gh0sTly -- Posted: 2009-02-05
Today, we have a special case from Morex, the model 2733. Its a Mini-ITX case flexibility. It will house all your Mini-ITX boards, and even give those heavy heat CPU\'s like the Phenom or Core2 Duo CPUs the air they need to keep cool!

First thing is construction quality. This case is very well built, and is thick enough to withstand some abuse if needed. It also has lots of room inside for all your hardware. You will get 2 faceplates that are easily swapped, and have the power, reset, power LED, and HDD LED attached to the faceplates, as well as 2 front USB ports.

Inside you also find all your needed mounting surfaces for your 2.5 or a 3.5 inch hard drive, a slimline CD/DVD drive, and 2 PCI slots. You also get a PCI riser card that lets you use those wondeful PCI slots.

As for power, you get a 150w PSU 20+4 ATX connector and 4 pin P4 connector, as well as 1 Molex, 1 SATA, and 1 Floppy power connector. For a Mini-ITX PSU, this should more than do whatever you need, even for the Phenom and Core2 CPU Mini-ITX boards.

As we stated earlier, this case has plenty of ventilation. You have two 60mm fans on both sides of the PC as well as nice open grills that run the whole side of the case on both sides. You also get a grill that sits over the CPU area that is roughly 120mm in diameter. This gives the case plenty of ventilation for all of your components within the case. One thing of note for the Phenom and Core2 CPU's: You will not be able to use a stock CPU cooler in this case. You will want to use a 1U cooler, as the clearance from the CPU to the top of the case is about 1 - 1.5 inches.

One of the unique things about this case is the stand base that it comes with. The case doesn\'t sit flat in the base, as that would block airflow on that side of the case, possibly causing your CPU to overheat. What they did to prevent this was make the base have a channel that air could flow through and keep the side from being blocked.

All in all, this is one amazing, well ventilated case. I wish that it was a tad taller so support a more conventional CPU cooler, but that is not a big issue. It supports lots of features that you do not commonly see in many Mini-ITX cases, as in the dual PCI slots, and the hefty 150w Power supply. I would suggest it to anyone looking to build powerful Mini-ITX PC.

Morex Information

I would like to take this opperotunity to thank Morex for letting me review this wonderful case. I look forward to reviewing more of their products soon.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.
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