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Supplier: Newegg
Price: 89.99Reviewed: Feb 2, 2009

Sigma Windstorm
Author: Gh0sTly -- Posted: 2009-02-02
Sigma builds some very high quality PC cases, and this one is no different. With its massive cooling capacaty, and wonderful design, the Sigma Windstorm is a real treat to work with, and it cools so well!

The design of the Windstorm is a very straight forward design on the outside. There is no door, and you have the usual mesh drive bay covers that assists with airflow. You also have your intake fan on the front, at the bottom of the faceplate, and its a wonderful glowing blue fan that really shows through well. You also get a set of USB ports, headphone and mic ports, and a eSata port that leads to any open SATA port on your motherboard. But this is where the ordinary stops, and the extraordinary begins. This case is loaded with 120mm fans. You get 2 exhaust fans in the top of the case, one in the back pannel, 2 LED fans in the window, and as I said before, you get 1 LED fan in the faceplate. These are all 120mm fans, and put out a nice amount of air flow as well. There is also a mount in the floor of the case for your choice of a 120mm or 140mm fan, and a mount for a 80mm(15mm thickness) fan behind the CPU area to cool the backside of the motherboard.

You get a mighty treat when it comes to cooling with this case, and it doesn\'t just top with the fans. You get to virtualy eliminate heat caused by the PSU. It mounts into the bottom of the case, and has its fan facing downward, to vent itself out of the case completely. It works well and It makes installing the PSU much easier.

When it comes to mounting your drives, you get a nice array of 5 quick release hard drive trays, as well as 4 5.25" bays for your DVD drives and one 3.5" / 5.25" drive bay. The quick release mechanism for the 5.25" drives is well designed, and they hold the drive more snug than I have ever seen, other than using screws. The quick release on the Windstorm is very nice, and I would love to see it used more.

The construction of the casing is very well done, with nice thick sheets of metal for the panels. The plastic used on the faceplate is good and strong, and the 5.25" drive covers are also good, thick metal. The fan covers for the front 120mm fan and the top two 120mm exhaust fans have a nice metal mesh cover over them.

Overall, this is one incredibly cool case. The Sigma Windstorm is a wonderful case to look at and work with. You get a lot of places to hide your cabling, and a ton of cooling. I would suggest this case to the overclocker, or someone that needs a lot of cooling to keep some real heatmakers cool, like a pair of GTX295\'s and a Core i7 or PhenomII.


I would like to thank Sigma for letting me review this wonderful case, and look forward to reviewing more from them in the future.

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