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Price: 0Reviewed: Dec 21, 2006

VinylShock Review - Part 1
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2006-12-12
Alright guys I have a pretty cool review here for you all today that I'm actually going to break into two posts. Now a lot of the time when we talk about modding we talk about hacking up a case but we don't generally get to the fun detailing in a case. And for anyone who's done that large degree of modding you know those 1000 hours into a case doesn't sell it unless it looks like you spent all that time on the appearance alone.

So today I'm reviewing some decals that I received from VinylShock. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect since I've only ever used window decals on anything before but these things are defiantly quality decals. Once they've been applied they're permanent. So you have to make sure that you're putting it on right, but they're really simple to apply, and once they're on they really make a difference.

For starters I'll give you all a dose of some of the decals I received. They have a large variety in style and sizes.

I also received a 13" clear carbon Bio Hazard decal. Now since it's clear I'll show you the applied product form their site, since the before shot is on white paper and doesn't really show up to well in the picture.


So while looking at these I have some different ideas running through my head and this actually inspired a real short mod. I have a full size server case that's completely unmodded thus far (I know it's sad but this case replaced my cube case, so I felt like I could use a break). Well I felt that these guys were good enough to inspire a mod I should go all the way and so some quality work, even if it's a short mod. I'll spare you the work log, I cut 2 holes in the case, mounted the decals on plexi then mounted the plexi on my case.

Sadly I couldn't make up my mind on the back lighting so I left it out for now, but I'm starting to wish that I mounted a couple blue cathodes behind it because that gave a real nice eerie glow.


The next really cool think about these decals is they aren't something that can only be applied to windows. They work on just about any surface. Now the surface texture does make a difference in the ability to stick it on, so use your own judgment on this but here's a shot of a decal I put on the top of my laptop.

I'm waiting on a friend to give me a hand in displaying the rest of these, so in a day or two I'll be able to show off the bio hazard and the other decals as well. I've actually held off on posting this review for this long so far because of this, but I've just decided to make it a two part post instead. Trust me you won't be disappointed by having to wait, we're going to show that decal off properly.
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