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Supplier: Vizo
Price: unknownReviewed: Oct 23, 2008

Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2008-10-23
One area that we really should start focusing on more often is accessibility. With the continuous growth of peripherals out there, this has very definitely become a growing thought hopefully with everyone who's looking at computers and their accessories. Today we'll be reviewing the UFO USB Hub from Vizo, and going over a bit of how it can be a real life saver.

The UFO USB hub is a small puck styled USB Hub. Straight out of the box, the first thing I think of when looking at it is that I like the way this one looks. It's not your typical square bland every day hub. In addition to the basic design, the USB hub offers a nice functional design for when it's not being used. The UFO hub has a rotating shield that allows the USB ports to rotate into a covered area, protecting them from dust.

The hub works normally as an unpowered USB hub. It comes with your typical USB-A to USB-B mini cable. In addition, the UFO hub can function as a powered hub with the addition of a 5v power cable. Unfortunately this doesn't come with the hub, but since the majority of devices do not require a powered hub this isn't too big of a deal. Also since if offers the option for future additions, this is a great device to last you into the future.

The overall functionality is very straight forward. Each port has a light above it to display connectivity. The UFO Hub is great for almost any type of usage. Since it travels so well it's a great component for LAN Parties. It's small and compact so it fits right in your pocket, haha.

If anyone has been looking for a new USB hub, I'd recommend the UFO from Vizo. The UFO has a great look to it and the small design makes it convenient for any purpose.
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