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Supplier: Vizo
Price: unknownReviewed: Oct 6, 2008

Starlet 120mm UV Fan
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2008-10-06
With the demand of computers constantly rising, proper case ventilation has become an ever growing concern. Luckily manufacturers have been able to accommodate this demand. Cases are becoming larger and so are the fans. Almost only 5 years ago, it was strange for anyone to own anything but 80mm fans for cooling, now it's strange for them to own anything but 120mm fans. This is why I'm glad to be reviewing the Starlet UV 120mm fan by Vizo.

Right out of the box, the Starlet looks great. It definitely has strong UV coloring to it. These fans make excellent components to anyone into modding or for anyone who wants to make their computer stand out. Even when the fan isn't running, it catches the light extremely well and won't have any problems catching any attention.

Now in addition to the cool colors, the fan is well let by a series of UV LEDs. Here's some shots to really show it off.

Now one of the big reasons for a push to 120mm fans is first, they're larger, and can move much more air, which is what today's demanding systems need. In addition to moving more air, they also have far lower noise levels than their 80mm predecessors when you look at comparable CFMs. This makes them ideal for other uses as well such as HTPCs since they can cool your system while keeping the noise down.

Now it's time for the first hand experience...
The fan hooks up pretty easily. You can connect it to the motherboard with the 3-pin connector or use the 4-pin adapter and connect it to the power supply.

Once the fan was running, it maintained an extremely low noise level that was barely audible once the case was closed up. In addition to that, like you saw before, the lighting effect looked excellent.

If anyone's looking for some cooling that's also eye catching, I'd really push for the Starlet by Vizo. The lighting looks excellent, and size of the fan helps keep the volume down while keeping the CFM up. When you have solid performance and looks, it's hard to go wrong.
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