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Supplier: Vizo
Price: unknownReviewed: Oct 1, 2008

Ninja HS Notebook Cooler
Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2008-10-01
One of the more regular trends here on FusionMods has been cooling. With it being such a large topic we really like to cover all areas. Proper cooling typically always results in better system performance and longer hardware life. Today we'll be going over notebook and reviewing the Ninja HS notebook cooler by Vizo.
Right out of the box, the Ninja HS has a build that is easily anything unlike any cooler we've reviewed so far. Vizo has been really thinking outside the box and pushing some nice coolers lately and this is another in their line. The Ninja HS is a three piece cooler (some assembly required) that gives your notebook as direct cooling as they can reach.

The Ninja HS really manages to touch on a few areas that we've mentioned in the past that have in our opinion really hindered the performance and usability of notebook coolers. The first thing we'll tackle is the build. The Ninja HS easily has a strange looking build for anyone familiar at all with notebook coolers. This build allows the fans to be positioned vertically in the cooler, allowing you to direct them as close to your own intake fans as possible.

In addition to the adjustable position of the fans, the Ninja HS does rest with a large amount of space between the fans and the ground, making air intake an easy task. These have both been large issues in the past with select coolers. Some of them have horrible fan positioning, and others simply just sat to close to the ground, not allowing enough air intake.

After the cooling has been covered, the unit does break down pretty well. Each leg is held on to the center unit with only two screws each, making for a total of four screws. These are also pretty easy to quickly assemble and disassemble as I never felt the need to even use a screw driver and did this all by hand. When the unit is assembled it is comparable in size to the majority of the modern notebook coolers. The unique build does make it travel much easier whether it's assembled or not.

A final issue that we're really happy to see is the fact that the cooler also functions as a USB port. Out of the box, these are unpowered ports, but like the majority of Vizo's products, you can use a 5v adapter (does not come with cooler) and power your ports. This is something that we really like to see. Even though this is one of the most portable coolers we've seen so far, so many coolers we look at we know will only remain stationary, so we really like to see the extended functionality in these cases.

Now I think it's finally time for the first hand experience....
The Ninja HS does a fair job at keeping the temperatures down. This is made possible in part by giving the fans so much clearance room to draw in outside air. The slim frame also helps by allowing heat to dissipate from multiple areas as opposed to trapping it between the cooler and the notebook.

Overall we've been really impressed with the Ninja HS. Vizo really puts out some cool designs ad the Ninja HS is no exception. The unique build makes in very mobile. They also really cover all their bases with the built in USB ports. If you guys are looking for a cooler for the road, the Ninja HS would be a great place to start looking.
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