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Supplier: Sharkoon
Price: Reviewed: Sep 16, 2008

PC Jump Start
Author: cantstraferight -- Posted: 2008-09-16
If you have ever decided move to your computer on to the floor, under a desk or even into a cupboard it can be a bit of a inconvenience when you want to turn the computer on, or plug in a USB drive or headphones. I know that this isn't the biggest problem facing computer users and I may sound like I'm being lazy but it can be an annoyance when you have to get up or stick you hand under the desk just so you can turn the computer on.

Luckily for everyone that has moved their computer off their desk, Sharkoon have created the PC Jump Start. The PC Jump Start is small silver (or black) box with a button, a LED, 2 USB port, 2 audio jacks and its all on the end of a 2.8 meter cable. The Jump Start sits on your desk and whenever you want to turn your computer on/off, use a USB port or the audio jacks you can use the Jump Start rather than using the button/ports on the PC.

Installation is amazingly simple, you put the the cable through an unused expansion slot on the PC case and connect it up to the USB, audio, power button and power LED headers on the motherboard, you then using a pass through cable connect your case's power button up so it can still be used. Then to finish of you screw a blanking plate with a a hole for the cable onto the the expansion slot you used. If the weight of the cable keeps pulling the Jump Start off the desk (or you want to stick it to something vertical) then you can use the included self adhesive Velcro patch to hold it to your desk. When connecting it to your motherboard you have the option of using AC97 or HD audio through the Jump Start so if your your computer is new or old you will be able to use the Jump Start.

Using the Jump Start is just like using the button and ports on your PC. When the PC is on the ON symbol on the button lights up blue which not only let you know that the computer is on also allows you to find it if its dark. Although it allows you to turn the computer on it is missing a reset button and hard drive activity LED which means you still will have to use the case occasionally. Because the Jump Start is plugged into the inside of the computer and because of its long cable it can make moving the computer a little awkward as you have to hold the case and stop the Jump Start from moving around.

There's a lot of mods that could benefit from the PC Jump Start. Mods it could be used in include, A computer that's hidden away or build into a desk or a computer that has a scratch build case.

- Pros

Lets you turn your computer on from the desk.
Lets you access USB ports on your desk.
Lets you aces audio jacks from your desk.

- Cons

Your friends will call you lazy.
No reset button or hard drive LED.
Cant be removed easily for when you need to move the computer.

Some will see the Jump Start as a great idea where as others will see it as something that isn't needed and only lazy people would buy it. I personally think its a great idea and while it has a few flaws its usefulness out weighs them all.

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