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Price: 0Reviewed: Nov 30, 2006

Author: faceless105 -- Posted: 2006-11-30
Well my TV was on it's way out, the picture kept jumping and fizzling out, so i knew it was time for a new TV. sadly to replace my 19inch it would be well over $100 and i really just wanted something cheap for now. Personally i blame LCDs for taking over.

So i have an old 21 inch monitor that was to big to fit on my desk and i started thinking, why dont i use that as a tv? So i jumped over to newegg and ordered myself a nice new TV Tuner. I got the SIIG AVTuner Plus. It had the right price and had some good reviews so i went with it.

out of the box it looked pretty nice, clean look and it feels pretty solid. The only draw back i found was i lost the speakers from my TV, so i hooked it up to my amp and now i can blast the TV with some bass.

Theres not a whole lot to tell other then i'm using a cable in and audio out and vga out. So heres some pics of it in operation. It looks a little fuzzy, but thats because it's at the highest quality it can be while coming from the vcr, the DVD looks amazingly sharp.

hope you all enjoyed this segment, and lemme know if you have any questions
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